Products for keeping your engagement ring safe and secure

There are few things that hold more sentimental – or indeed, monetary – value than an engagement ring. Studies suggest that people look at over 25 different engagement rings before they settle upon a purchase. This, of course, is why it’s all the more heart-breaking when one goes missing. Sadly, it happens more often than you might think!

Rings can be misplaced or damaged during all sorts of activities, including whilst walking the dog, swimming and jogging.

Thankfully, policies are available that cover your engagement ring whether it is lost, stolen or damaged inside or outside of the home. While we always do our best to source the ideal replacement for you in the event of a claim we will never be able to replace the heartwarming story behind your engagement ring. Deeply emotional, the ring you wear will carry the memories of that moment forever that the replacement might not.

Let’s take a look at some of the best products for keeping your engagement ring safe and secure right now:

-01 Ring Hero

Ring Hero offer a range of quality products for protecting your ring, including items from their Original Hero Collection, Hope and Lux Hero Collections. Their wristbands for rings are available in colours including Jet Black, Slate Grey and Midnight Blue. To make use of their wristbands, you simply need to put your ring in the pocket, zip it up and slip them on your wrist. These wristbands are ideal for activities including jogging and walking.

-02 Suddora

Another company that specialises in wristbands for protecting your engagement ring is Suddora. Their Zipper Sweatband Wristbands are available in 10 different colours and are perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities. Made from strong, high-quality cotton, they can also help you combat sweat and hold items including keys and cash.

-03 CareRing

CareRing Covers are made of food grade silicone (colors) and medical grade silicone (clear) that easily stretches over your diamond wedding ring while on your finger. This Patent Protected ring protector is the original dome shaped ring protector that covers all shapes and sizes of diamonds and gemstones. Give it a try. You’ll wonder how your ring survived without it.

-04 Ring Bandits

Ring Bandits offer wristbands that come with discreet zipper pockets that you can also wrap around phones and water bottles, allowing you to get on with a host of activities safe in the knowledge that your valuables are protected. All kinds of distinctive and colourful designs are available, and these include the Palm Balm, Cheetah Reign, Bubblegum Pop and Real Teal Original Bandits to give just a handful of examples.

-05 Ring Skins

Ring Skins Protector will serve you well and keep your ring safe during all manner of sporting and leisure activities. It fits neatly over rings with a raised setting and have a handy carry clip included. This product allows you to enjoy your activities without taking your engagement ring off and comes in a variety of sizes and colours.

-06 Ring Wrapper

Ring Wrapper is described as the “world’s best ring protector” and protects your ring from damage during work and play. It can defend it from oil, chemicals, lotions and scratches and has been featured on numerous high-profile news sites. The product is ideal for bands and small stones.

Don’t forget about engagement ring insurance!

The value of the meaning behind your jewellery is priceless and should be protected. Get your engagement ring insurance quote today.


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